Generall infos about flatcoats and puppies


The flatcoated retriever is a medium sized dog with alot of will to please and working power. It is a very intelligent and friendly dog, which makes the flatcoat the ideal family dog. But never forget, they need although „brain exercises“, not only just a walk. The standard size for males is 58 - 61,5 cm, the size for bitches is 56 - 59 cm. The coat is black or liver. There can be yellow flatcoats, but this coat colour is not official accepted. Before the 2. world war the flatcoat was the most used hunting dog in England, but unfortunately the kennels went down during the war. The flatcoat is still a „dual purpose“ dog, which makes him able to win a trial as same as a show.  Even if it is a gundog, it is not so difficult to handle as other gundog breeds. And because of his will to please and is sportive temperament it can be used for nearly all kind of dog sport. When you decide to take a flatcoat as the dog you want, than remember, that like with all dogs, you must have enough time for the puppy and the members of your family must agree to get a dog. Although it is not a good idea to buy a puppy when you have a small baby in your home, mostly it is too much work with both together, except one is taking care of the puppy, one is take care of the baby. And a puppy or a dog is not a toy for children!

If you think about what sex you want, as a small advise in flatcoats and especcially our line, males are easier to have and to train than females. The sentence, that females are easy and males are difficult is a fairy tale.